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Top Issues From Voters

Continuous improvement is my mantra, and I believe it should should be the calling of all elected officials. As I have been interacting with voters at events and at their doors, some issues have emerged that are of concern to Halton residents. As Chair, I would not rest on the laurels of Halton’s name, but I would use my demonstrated skills and experience as leader of an $850 million organization to steer and advocate for improvements. I’m running for for the residents of today, but also for the Halton Region for our children and our children’s children. 

City bus, bike and car on city street

Fight growing gridlock:

Movement within the region needs to be improved with attractive and convenient active and public transportation options. Consider elevating public transit to the Region.

The Grebenc Position: The Case to Elevate Transit to the Regional Level

Chair with pillow blanket and book

Housing affordability/accessibility:

We need people of all income levels living in Halton to do all the things that need to be done in Halton. We have priced our own children out of the region.

The Grebenc Position: Work with all Levels of Government to Make Housing Affordable

Elderly hand over younger hand

Aging with independence and dignity with quality of life and care:

This involves Long-Term-Care and alternatives but also looking at tax-deferral programs working in other jurisdictions.

The Grebenc Position: Aging with Independence and Dignity with Quality of Life

Overflowing garbage bin

Growing waste problem:

It is time to look at successful, innovative ways to manage our waste and consider creating clean
energy from waste.

The Grebenc Position: Innovation Required to Meet Halton’s Future Waste Management Needs

lock and keyboard

Fortify regional systems from cybersecurity threats

We have important, sensitive systems in the region. Let’s make sure they are ready for threats.

The Grebenc Position: We Must Fortify our Systems against Cybersecurity Attack

Man wearing hat that says "Love your Neighbor"

Take care of our most vulnerable to help them get back to independence:

Halton Region’s social housing needs to centre the tenant’s mental health and well-being as the number one priority.

The Grebenc Position: Good Social Programs Make for Good Fiscal Decision-Making