Fresh Leadership
Strong Leadership

Andrea does not shy away from meeting and talking with allies and decision-makers when issues arise. The Minister of Education, regional and municipal leaders and local MPs and MPPs know her by name. Andrea would like to continue to serve and advocate for the people of Halton as Regional Chair.

Key Community Engagement Projects

Halton Education Action

In 2019, the Ministry of Education began a consultation with the community to ask their thoughts on issues of class sizes and mandatory eLearning courses. As these were issues that directly affect students, Andrea initiated and with fellow trustees carried out a consultation in Halton with focus groups and surveys and submitted the results to the Ministry of Education. The Halton consultation gathered more responses than the entire Provincial consultation.

ReImagine Forward

Andrea was Vice-Chair on a committee of five trustees who spearheaded the Reimagine Forward engagement initiative to gather the thoughts of students, parents, staff, post-secondary institutions and industry from Halton and beyond about what changes should happen in education. The report, including recommendations, was presented at the June 1, 2022 regular board meeting.

The “Schools Now” Tour

The Board was having a difficult time accommodating students in schools in the region’s high-growth areas. Students were being held in multiple holding schools; splitting neighbourhoods and even siblings. Transportation costs were rising. The community was getting upset. In early 2018, Chair Andrea Grebenc and Vice-Chair Ehl Harrison met with the Regional Chair, Mayors, MPPs and with City/Town and Regional Councillors to advocate for their help to get schools built in North Oakville and South Milton.  Since these offices have access to the Minister of Education and have a say in approving development plans, they were key people to get on side. Since then, and due to the hard work of HDSB staff and the advocacy of these groups and fellow trustees, the board has been able to secure funding for some schools in these areas.

Andrea Grebenc for Regional Chair

Andrea Advocating in and interacting with the Media and Community

Andrea has acquired good name recognition through the media. She has often been sought after by media outlets for her opinion, information, and clarification on education issues affecting the Province. She has a reputation for integrity and a forthright style that journalists trust.

Radio/Podcast/TV Interviews