Every Dollar Helps!

Halton is huge: It is about 1000 Square KMs, with over 600,000 people living in 193,000 households. It is the size of four and a half federal ridings so it is IMPOSSIBLE for Andrea to knock on every door in the region, so her campaign must be strategic in getting her name and message out.  Literature, signs, permits and advertising cost money. 

By contributing funding the campaign, you are helping move Halton to be more transparent and accountable to all the people living in all parts of Halton.  It is time for Halton to treat its most vulnerable humanely, to make services more accessible, to make active transportation a safer option and public transportation more broadly available. Improved communication must be key moving forward in all areas and we must advocate for the interests of the people of the Region and push back when necessary. The Regional Chair must never rest on their laurels but always seek to continuously improve.

Keep the Campaign Going!

The campaign requires signs, literature, permits and advertising. Local mayoral contests have been about $100K and this campaign must reach four municipalities worth of people. A candidate’s personal contributions are legally capped at $25K so the campaign MUST rely on donations.
All donation amounts are welcome!

Andrea Grebenc for Regional Chair - Thank you

Donation Regulations

  • Receipts are issued for every non-cash contribution and every cash donation over $25. 
  • Donors must be an individual who is normally a resident of Ontario (not political parties, corporations or trade unions)
  • Donations of $100 or more: The donor’s name and address will be submitted with the candidate’s financial filing and will be posted publicly (by law)
  • The accumulated donation limit to an individual candidate is $1,200 (includes the value of donated goods and services). The maximum across multiple candidates in an election is $5,000.

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